Steroid Overdose – Top Dangerous Symptoms

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Steroids come with a wide range of uses. Also, you would find a large variety of steroids both on the market, streets, and even online. But, you should make sure that you only get them through reliable sources such as Buy Steroids Online, which deals in only branded and genuine products with effective results, or your health could be at risk. Steroids are not only used for building mass and improving performance, but for a variety of other reasons as well. Sometimes, steroids are prescribed for:

  • Grow bones
  • Induce male puberty
  • Stimulate appetite
  • Treat cancer
  • Treat inflammation

Steroid Abuse

The most commonly misused steroids are anabolic steroids. People end up abusing it to boost their athletic performance and strength even though it is common knowledge the excessive use of steroids can be dangerous. Many steroids lead to overdose. This means that the body gets overloaded with multiple toxic chemicals. And although the symptoms of steroid overdose are not always fatal, some of them can impact your health in both the short and long term.

Top Risks and Dangerous Symptoms of Steroid Abuse and Overdose

Steroid abuse regularly creates problems with the adrenal glands’ function. It also interferes with the dopamine, opioid, and serotonin receptors in the brain. People who overdose and abuse steroid intake suffer a crash after they come down from the high. This crash triggers all kinds of extreme mood and energy swings and lead to anxiety, apathy, anger outbursts, depression, fatigue, paranoia, and restlessness.

Gradually, steroid abuse leads to severe and permanent health problems that include cancer, heart disease, high cholesterol, liver and kidney damage, and anaphylactic and septic shock. Not only that, sometimes steroid overdose and lead to irreversible brain damage. Anabolic steroid abuse for long can wreck the brain’s spatial functioning that is responsible for information processing and memory. Some of the common consequences of steroid abuse and overdose are forgetfulness, inability to focus, cognitive impairment, and poor mental health.

Let’s take a look at the five most dangerous symptoms of steroid overdose:

  • Coma
  • Convulsions and trembling muscles
  • Heart Attack
  • Increased Blood Pressure and Body Temperature
  • Stroke

There are other dangers as well.

You should know that these side-effects can be rather devastating and long-lasting for anyone unfortunate to experience them:

  • Aggression & violent behavior
  • Burning skin or itching
  • Depression
  • Deafness
  • Extreme anxiety and nervousness
  • Mania
  • Muscle weakness
  • Psychosis

If you have misused steroids and any of these signs begin to appear, you should get immediate medical help as they can lead to irreparable or fatal issues. The two most common types of steroids that people tend to use are corticosteroid and anabolic. In case of a corticosteroid overdose, you should call 911 as soon as possible because the faster a person gets medical help, the better are their chances of survival.

And if a person is overdosing on anabolic steroids at a slow pace, then the best option for them is getting professional substance abuse treatment to ensure safe and healthy survival. 

Although chronic anabolic steroid overdose might not seem like a medical emergency to you, it could lead to severe ramifications to a person’s physical and mental health.

Preventing Steroid Overdose

If you have been prescribed corticosteroids, then the ideal way to avoid an overdose is to take only the recommended dose as per your fitness trainer or physician’s instructions. Not following the guidelines could lead to serious medical repercussions.

And if you are taking anabolic steroids without paying attention to dosage and just want to gain mass and take more than the recommended dose, your health is going to suffer in the long run. If you find yourself abusing anabolic steroids, you would need substance abuse treatment.

If you know someone who is showing signs of steroid overdose, then call 911. You can also call the poison control center. It takes barely a few minutes for the drug toxicity to spike. And what might look like a situation you can control, it can get fatal.

Having said that, always stay safe and be mindful of how much steroid intake is suitable for you and recommended to you. Steroids are effective and bring amazing results but long term abuse poses health risks. Always invest in high quality and branded products that you can easily get from Buy Steroids Online. The service delivers all over the U.S. and has both oral and injectable anabolic steroids for sale in the U.S.

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