Best Holiday Gift Ideas to Consider In 2019

In a world where everything anyone could ever want is just an overnight shipment away, gift-giving is more complicated than ever. To find a gift that makes a statement without breaking the bank can seem impossible. If you're at a loss for what to buy your loved ones this gift-giving season, here are five inspiring ideas to consider for 2019. Friendship Lamp Being apart from the people you love is hard. A friendship lamp is a perfect gift for parents who have just sent their kids off to … [Read more...]

IT Industry Stats for 2019

The ever-changing industry of information technology is always interesting to follow up on. As we move forward, data science skills testing is becoming even more relevant. Regardless of whether you're an employee or a business owner, it is essential that you become well-versed in data science. The year that’s almost behind us has had some revolutionary flare-ups in the IT sector, so we decided to look into those and see what sort of numbers we can set aside and showcase to our curious … [Read more...]