5 Things to Look for in an Acting School

There's no doubt the film industry throughout the United States has come a long way. It's also a fact an acting career can generate huge returns in terms of salaries, investments, and job growth. Nearly everyone, at one point in time, has probably dreamt of becoming an actor or actress. Though a successful career in acting requires equal parts talents and practice, with a bit of luck thrown in, landing a big acting opportunity will give you lots of perks, only accessible by a few … [Read more...]

Why Your Kids Should be in Acting Classes

There are a lot of different extracurricular activities to choose from for children, and only so much time and money to make them happen. While the focus tends to be on sports for the physical benefits, there are a lot of non-sport options that deserve consideration, acting classes most of all. Acting classes boast numerous skills and benefits that a child will carry through their daily lives. Here are some compelling reasons why your kids should be in acting classes. Part of a … [Read more...]