What Happens If Your Kids Don’t Get Enough Active Playtime?

The business of childhood is play, but today’s kids often don’t get enough of it. Before the COVID-19 pandemic, parents faced challenges finding adequate time to let their kids outdoors and active. The addition of shelter-in-place orders presented new complications.  Children need active play to benefit their physical, mental and emotional growth. What happens when they’re denied this opportunity? Here’s what can happen if you schedule every waking moment of your little one’s time with … [Read more...]

Special Art Activities You Will Enjoy Doing with Your Kids!

Art activities are a fun way to spend time with your kids, not only it’s enjoyable, but it also helps develop children’s mental, social, and emotional aspects. But we as an adult sometimes struggle to make creative projects with children. What you need to know is you don’t need to consider yourself crafty to male arts and be creative with your children. There are loads of craft projects that you can do with them that don’t require any special skills or tools and wouldn’t take a lot of your time. … [Read more...]

Is Parasailing Scary? 5 Reasons to Go for It

If you’ve ever seen someone parasailing through the air, it’s hard not to be intrigued by the experience and think about trying it out for yourself. Parasailing offers adventure seekers the opportunity to soar above the water and enjoy spectacular views while gliding hundreds of feet in the air. It can be quite a mesmerizing experience for those who are willing to set their fears aside. Although there are some risks with any recreational activity, parasailing is one of the safest outdoor … [Read more...]

Best States to Ride Dirt Bikes

Ask any dirt bike fanatic which state is the best to chase down adventure, and you’re likely to hear the Midwest referenced quite a bit. It almost seems like the American heartland has become synonymous with dirt biking, with plenty of professional riders hailing from the Midwestern states. If you’re close to the Ozarks, you’re probably well aware that dirt biking is a Midwest pastime. However, if you’re from out of town and planning a trip specifically to get some quality biking time in, … [Read more...]

Can People Of All Ages Ride Quads?

Quad riding has really taken off, especially in the UK, as both children and adults enjoy the thrill of riding in the countryside on four wheels. State of the art quad bikes enhance the pleasure, and when you become a competent rider, there isn’t much you can’t do with your quad bike. Image Source: Pixabay Adult Riders The average adult would require at least a 500cc engine, which would deliver more than enough horsepower to the four wheels, and the machines go up to 1,000 cc, for … [Read more...]