Why Learning Should Be for a Lifetime

If there is something that you should never stop doing, it is learning. It ought to have a start, but never have an end. Learning as an adult is more favorable since you don't have to struggle with being in class. Nearly every course is available online. The learning might not be so much focused on gaining any certification. Some of the adult lessons that you should go for should be aimed at having you respond best to the issues of life. Here are the primary reasons why one should grow and … [Read more...]

The Vampire’s Gallery by Antoinette M– Review

**WARNING: This review is about an erotic novel.** In Antoinette M--'s new shorter book, The Vampire's Gallery, you meet Maria.  She lives off her friend's sexual encounters until she comes across Jamie, who she meets while doing internet dating.  Jamie invites Maria out for a beer and because she felt like they had a good connection, she invites him to her apartment after the bar.  Guess what he tells her, though?  That he's going to kill her by sucking her blood because he's a vampire.  She … [Read more...]