AirPods: Some Popular Answers

Since AirPods first appeared on the market, it has become a favorite gadget with many users. Here are some most popular user questions about Apple's first stereo wireless headset. What is the difference between AirPods and EarPods? AirPods connect to a device through a wireless connection, while EarPods traditionally connect through a wire. The gadgets look the same, except that wireless AirPods is larger and has a few holes in the case. It is also lighter and weighs just 4 g. Do … [Read more...]

Budget-Friendly Gadgets for the Holidays

Every year is always filled with festivities, National celebrations and religious holidays and with every holiday there is, there's the obligation of having to buy a little something for friends, family, distant relatives and co-workers to show our appreciation and gratefulness. Which is quite a difficult task to do, with everyone's different tastes and preferences. From a techie's wet dream to someone who just genuinely enjoys cool technology, a small gift, easy on the pockets, and a great … [Read more...]