How to Keep Your Furry Friends Healthy

Cats can be a difficult species to understand. With the way they act, you might not be sure if they are happy, or annoyed with the current situation. Despite all of this, you want to ensure that your cat is healthy at all times. A healthy cat is a happy cat, and while it might cost a little extra money to keep your cat healthy, it will save money on vet trips down the road. You have to remember to treat your cat like they are another person in the house. With the right amount of love and care, … [Read more...]

How People Can Be Emotionally Manipulated By Their Pets

When you have children you will notice that your sweet little bundle of joy figures out that when he or she cries, you will go running to them, and your pets are no different. That toddler, who manipulates you to get that cookie, is the same as your pet manipulating you to get a treat!  It’s funny how clever our pets can be, and studies have shown that certain pets are deliberately manipulating their owners to get what they want.  So we have gathered all the ways in which people can be … [Read more...]

How To Start A Dog Shelter?

If you have a love for dogs and a little extra room, you might think that you have what you need to start a dog shelter. The process of starting a successful shelter or rescue is a bit more complicated than that. Many rescues and no-kill shelters fail due to lack of funding and planning. Lost dogs in New York need more shelter options, so do your research to establish what the most successful shelters are doing. The initial considerations are understanding the type of rescue organization … [Read more...]

Are Cannabis Products Safe For Pets Consumption?

The wonders of cannabis products have crossed from humans to animals. Now, even pets can get the benefits of cannabis compounds such as CBD. While studies are ongoing to prove the efficacy of CBD in treating pet health problems, another important matter needs to consider – are cannabis products safe for them? While humans have delineated the substance that can cause a high sensation (THC) from the one that has health benefits (CBD), the same cannot be applied yet for pets. CBD Oil CBD … [Read more...]

Guide To Buy The Best Quality Dog Food

In a supreme culture, all dog food would be produced in an equal way. Rather, the owners of the dog have multiple options to select the finest quality diet for their pets. However, the confusion is that all claims their products are the best in the market. While scratching your head that which brand is more appealing, healthy, and reasonably priced, frustrates you more. You can find some dog supplies online also.  Below you can find useful suggestions in picking up the best nourishment … [Read more...]

Your Beginner Guide For How To Take Care Of Betta Fish

Betta fish are one of the most popular pet fish. They make great pets, but they do require proper love and care to keep them happy and healthy. Knowing exactly what goes into caring for a Betta fish is not common knowledge; there are even many myths and misunderstandings shrouding this popular pet fish type. So to guarantee your Betta will be happy and healthy, this article aims to give you all the information you need. Why do people keep Bettas? People keep Bettas for the same reason they … [Read more...]

The Dog Collar Guide: Choosing the Perfect Collar for your Dog

Getting a dog is an exciting time for anyone. It’s like getting a new addition to your family. Dogs are a really important part of some people’s lives, so it’s no surprise that people want to treat them right (and spoil them when they can)! There is so much that a pet owner will have to consider though, things like what sort of food should they get, how much exercise should they be giving the dog etc. But often one of the most important things is making sure that you have the right sized … [Read more...]

Bladder Stones in Dogs – How Quickly Do They Form?

Just like humans, dogs can experience bladder stones. Bladder stones are a rock-like mineral deposit that forms in the urinary bladder. They can be in the form of many small stones or a few large stones. Some dogs with bladder stones do not show any signs and symptoms are only seen incidentally.  However, some changes in your dog might make vets test for stones. What Signs and Symptoms Should I Look Out For Usually, bladder stones in dogs begin small but get larger with time. As … [Read more...]