Au Pair: Is Hiring One Really a Need?

When looking for childcare, you may have heard of hiring an au pair. This is common in Europe, in particular, with many young adults traveling to help look after children while also having the opportunity to travel. If you haven't heard of an au pair, you may be wondering what one is and how they differ from a childminder or a nursery. What's an au pair? An au pair is someone that comes to your home, lives in with you, and help look after your children. They have limited hours they can … [Read more...]

Three Tips for the First time Au Pair

You have decided to become an Au Pair in America.  This is a super exciting time, however, it can be a bit scary at the same time.  Au Pair in America programs are all over the place, however, how do you know what to do, who to trust and what is this crazy experience going to be? Au Pair programs allow people in the United States to host a person to help raise their children.  It can be a great way to learn about another person's cultures and teach the children another language … [Read more...]