Casino Historical Museum

The Casino Historical Museum is located in Casino, New South Wales, Australia, and – believe it or not – has nothing to do with gambling, despite the name! Instead, the museum features a collection of items, newspaper articles, and other artifacts mean to preserve Australian culture and give visitors the feeling of being back in time in Casino and the surrounding district. For $5, guests will be taken on a guided tour of the old-fashioned town where they’ll see a variety of fascinating … [Read more...]

5 Of The Best Places To Visit In February 2020

If you have some holiday time coming up in February, the time has never been better for getting away to a new international destination. While you may have some ideas for where you plan to travel next, it can be hard to narrow down the options when there is literally a world full of great places to choose from. To help you narrow down the options, it is helpful to look at some of the destinations that are best visited in the month of February. Remember to take out a travel insurance policy, … [Read more...]

How Healthy Are Australians? An Insight Into Their Health & Lifestyle

With the highest life expectancy in the world, Australia is a leader in the world for health and wellness. Australia is considered to be one of the healthiest countries for many reasons not just its life expectancy for its citizens or even low birth-death ratio.  They are also considered to have the lowest disability rates and illness statistics across the globe. The average life expectancy is anywhere between 80-85 years for an otherwise healthy individual.  A disability is … [Read more...]

A Cruise Through Australia Has Thrills for Many

Have you been considering where your exploration of the expansive and gorgeous country of Australia ought to start? There may be a differing of opinions among family members on the best places to go to first but there's no reason why you can't have it all. Why not find a happy medium and check every place off the list? Start with Sydney and find out why the capital of New South Wales and one of the largest cities in Australia is just as much a party town as it is the perfect romantic getaway … [Read more...]

7 Awesome Things To Do With Kids In and Around Springfield Lakes

Looking for the most awesome things to do in and around Springfield Lakes? You’ve come to the right article. This lush and vibrant location offers more than parks and great views. Here are 7 great locations and activities to experience with your kids.   Robelle Domain   Do you and your kids love nature? Robelle Domain’s expansive green lawns, tree top walks, bike tracks, and shady picnic areas are perfect for all the family. Here you can also enjoy the Family Water … [Read more...]

5 Reasons Why Australia is an Attractive Place to Settle Down with Your Family

When you get restless about making a change and moving to an entirely new place with new opportunities; think Australia. Moving to Australia is simply moving towards opportunity. From work to leisure to education, you get everything in one place. Let us explore five things that make Australia the top country to migrate to. Low Pollution Rates and a Sound Healthcare System We live in a world where pollution rates are worrying. Air pollution has been linked to 6.5 million heart and lung … [Read more...]

A Guide To Visiting The Blue Mountains In Summer

The Blue Mountains are a jewel of Australia that never fails to impress and if you are touring the Sydney area, you simply must see this stunning range that is tinged blue, due to the eucalyptus trees. Stretching for almost 100km, the Blue Mountains is best experienced from the air, and with established helicopter tour operators, you can see the mountain range in all its glory. Image Source: Pixabay Helicopter Tours Image Source: Pixabay These run from Sydney Airport and include … [Read more...]

5 Destinations to Spend a Holiday in the Sun in December

There are many little things in life that create memories. It can be savoring a new dish in a new country or hiring a boat for strolling across the sea. But what if you are injected with a dose of winter sunshine while holidaying?  Believe it or not, it’s undoubtedly one of the most special things on earth that would never disappoint you. A complete winter holiday or exploring a hot summer destination can be boring but when you get a mix of two, you are sure to have good times worth cherishing. … [Read more...]