Blog Friendly PR – The Newer Blogger Forum Out There!

Were you a part of a clique in high school?  The jocks, nerds, or any of the others?  Well, there's a great "clique" in town, and they accept any great bloggers - Blog Friendly PR!   Blog Friendly PR is a great blogger outreach program where you can meet up with other bloggers in the forum and talk about anything having to do with blogging - website issues, PR contacts, social media, giveaways, and even anything not having to do with blogging - the possibilities are endless! I … [Read more...]

Should I or Not?

So I've been toying with the idea of combining my recipe blog ( and this blog.  I just feel like I've been neglecting PLR so much lately and it would be so much easier to combine that one and this one.  I want everyone's opinions on this.  Please check 'Yes' or "No' on the form below and then if you have any comments or suggestions, leave them in the comment box for this post.  Thanks for your help!   … [Read more...]