Signs That You Are Living Beyond Your Means

Life is a series of challenges, whether it is about love, career or just how you would be productive on a daily basis. In fact, a lot of people are struggling to get by every single day, but you’re  lucky to have everything you need. However, you might be living beyond your means, yet you fail to realize your situation until the situation gets worse.  Let’s look at some warning signs that will help you identify the poor spending habits before you end up hitting that brick … [Read more...]

4 Effective Strategies for Saving Money

Because we work hard for our money, it makes sense that it does the same for us as well. And while it’s undoubtedly not an easy feat to minimize expenditure, especially for those with modest incomes, you’d be wrong to think that it’s impossible to achieve a substantial amount of savings. To this end, here are a few effective strategies that you can use to reduce your spending, and as a result save a lot more money in the process. Go for energy efficiency Our utility bills take a … [Read more...]

Financial Literacy for Kids: How to Teach Your Child to Save

Want to teach your child to save money and where to spend it wisely? Be sure to read this guide on financial literacy for kids. As a parent, you know only too well how expensive kids can be. From funding their education to meeting their housing, food, and clothing needs, the expenses can take a toll on your finances. But for how long will your children depend on you for their financial needs? You don’t have to wait until they reach the legal adult age to start teaching them about the art … [Read more...]

Second Income Ideas for Families and Those with Children

Life with a family can get hectic, and sometimes having one income often isn't enough to provide both basics and luxury items for your children when you have a mortgage, food and other utilities to pay for. Whether you need to pay off some debt, buy a new car or save for a family holiday, if you could do with some extra cash, it may be time to get a second income. However, being a parent and working a day job is difficult enough; sometimes, it can seem impossible. Let's be honest here; being a … [Read more...]

Personal Finance – Budgeting Cheat Sheet

For many people, managing finances is difficult. Many have debt such as student loans or car payments they need to satisfy, which can easily leave a burden when it comes to managing with daily expenses. The best way to effectively manage your money is to rely on a good budgeting cheat sheet. Here are some tips that can help. Go Through Your Financial Obligations First and foremost, it’s important to sit down and go through all your bills. There are those you are responsible for monthly, … [Read more...]

How to Manage Your Finances Using Your Smartphone

When discussing smartphones and their capabilities, you’ll probably hear the phrase, “there’s an app for that!” It seems that there really is an app for almost every topic these days, and personal finance is no exception. Every day, more and more apps that help you manage your daily life become readily available. That’s why is important that your phone is operating at its most efficient level. Now more than ever, phones play a crucial role in people’s daily lives. Whether the firmware isn’t … [Read more...]

Smart Mommy Budgeting: How to Save More From the Household Budget

The average American household has an annual pretax income of $74,664 and 40% of that is consumed by the household budget. So it follows you - being in charge of the household budget - will want to find budget-friendly solutions for your family. To that end, what are some sure-fire ways that help you get savings and get more out of the household budget? Check Out Alternate Energy Suppliers The monthly average cost of electricity comes up to 13.26 cents per kilowatt-hour, based on the … [Read more...]

When is the Right Time to Start Teaching Kids About Money?

Parents always say that they want to teach their children the importance of money but only very few ones really invest effort in doing so. Aside from putting aside bank accounts for kids, every parent is responsible to talk to their children about financial responsibility whether or not he shows interest in playing toy register and plastic coins. You may wonder sometimes about when is the perfect time to start teaching them about money. When is too soon and when is too late? This is a very … [Read more...]