Signs You Need to Call a Pest Control Service

Insects, bugs, and rodents are an essential part of a balanced ecosystem. But when these animals start to infest homes and commercial spaces, they pose a more serious threat. Anyone who has dealt with bugs and rodents knows how frustrating it can be. Unfortunately, getting rid of these pests is not always easy.  Why is pest control necessary? According to a 2016 survey, the most common pests that pose public health concerns in the UK are: Rats Flies Ants Bed bugs … [Read more...]

Do Gnats Bites? Symptoms & Treatment

Do gnats bite? If you are wondering if gnats can bite, and how to treat any bites, let me help! A gnat is a tiny flying insect and these insects can be from both families of biting and non-biting. They don’t want to fly alone but they fly in the large numbers most of the times. This large number of flying insects is known as the cloud. The name of these insects has no scientific logic. So, I can say that scientists choose the name of Gnat for these insects on the behalf of personal intentions … [Read more...]