Green Roofing – Debunking a Few Crucial Myths

Green roofs have become the latest roofing trend today! It has many other names such as vegetated roofs, eco-roofs, and living roofs. From residential to commercial buildings, green roofs are gaining prominence. And any trend that gains prominence often gains appreciation, criticism as well as a bundle of misconceptions and assumptions. For instance, few people believe that green roofing is only meant for the eco-buffs, because it is costly to maintain, risky, and experiment. It is far from the … [Read more...]

What Kind of Damage Does Flooding Cause to a Building?

Flooding can cause damage to the structural integrity of any building. Both the interior and exterior of homes and business can be hit by water damage when flooding occurs. If this has happened to you, or if you want to prepare in advance for possible flood and water damage, there are a few things you should know in advance. What Are the Signs of Flooding? If you see signs of water leakage on the floors in your home or office, you should set about identifying the source immediately. … [Read more...]