5 Different Types of Motorhomes

The variety of motorhomes available makes choosing the right one a difficult task. Motorhomes come in different sizes, with different specifications and varying feature sets, from many manufacturers. It can be hard to decide which of these vehicles is your ideal buy.  Here we look at some of the different types on the market today so you can make an informed choice.  1. Micro Motorhomes These motorhomes are, as the name suggests, very small versions of campervans, or like … [Read more...]

5 Reasons Why Availing Caravan Insurance Is Beneficial For You

Everyone wants to see the world as they get older; an easy way to do this is to do that would be to get a caravan. Here are six reasons why the insurance would be good for you on your journey. Caravan plus motorhome If you decide to live in the caravan full time, you can get full-time insurance. This means that it works as home insurance as well. There is not much downfall to buying a caravan, but you should consider getting motorhome insurance.  If something happens to your home, … [Read more...]

Best Places to Camp in Ohio

Summer is near and there is no better time to go camping with your family! We have compiled a list of the Best Places to Camp in Ohio. Let me share the best camping in Ohio for you and your family to consider.  Camping is a fun past-time because it brings you closer to nature, it’s affordable, and the experiences can last a lifetime. When camping in a state park or at a lake it can make you feel so small in the scheme of things. More Tips and Tricks for Camping RV Camping … [Read more...]

5 Things to Know About Campervan Hire in Edinburgh Airport

In this article,we will learn about the five things to know about campervan hire in Edinburgh airport. But first, let’s learn about campervan hire Edinburg airport. Edinburgh Airport abbreviated as EDI is one of the busiest airports located in the city of Edinburgh in Scotland. In 2016, Edinburgh airport is thought to have handled 12.4 million travelers. This made it become the sixth busiest airport in the UK that year. The airport is situated 5 miles west of the city … [Read more...]

RV Camping: The Vacation That You Need

Modern life is so fast paced. With the introduction of new work standards, there seems to be a more emphasized focus on career over all other aspects of life. Gone are the days when it was just the men who worked office jobs. Today, if you’ve got the skills, you’ve got the job. And it’s this culture we’ve adopted that can be extremely stress-inducing. Burnout is a real danger to every worker regardless of the nature of your job. There’s a reason that it’s called the daily grind — It never … [Read more...]