Top 7 Ways to Stay Healthy and Prevent Cancer

Cancer is a subject that stresses individuals around the globe. Like never before, open mindfulness about cancer is expanding, and with that, we as a whole need to realize what we can do to help forestall cancer. While a few reasons for cancer are as yet obscure, or the cancer chance is hereditary, there are sure lifestyle transforms you can make to guarantee you're doing what you should be as solid as could reasonably be expected. Here are five simple things you can do to help forestall … [Read more...]

What to Do If You Lose Your Eyelashes During Chemo

In 2018, over 1.7 million new cases of cancer were diagnosed, with breast, lung, and prostate cancer among the most common types. The idea of losing your hair during chemotherapy can be stressful, but many chemo patients risk losing their eyelashes as well. As an important feature for most people—particularly women—eyelashes frame the eyes and can significantly influence an individual's image and self-esteem. If you're worried about losing your eyelashes during chemotherapy, here's … [Read more...]

How To Pick The Right Chemo Care Package

A cancer patient is a fighter in his or her own right. The amount of daily pain and sufferings a person has to go through, right from the diagnosis until full recovery, is unimaginable. As such, you cannot do much to reduce the anguish of your dear one in terms of treatment. But you can contribute your bit by showing some care and thoughtfulness. A little step from your end can infuse new energy and smile in the person's life. Nowadays, some excellent chemo care kits are available in the market. … [Read more...]

Rely on the Best Cancer Hospital For the Best Treatment

Today, many people experience the grave problem of cancer that is usually fatal. If the problem is diagnosed at an early stage, then it can be cured. Otherwise, if it spreads to the other parts of the body, then the chances of survival are lower. A person may survive for five years if he is suffering from Hodgkin’s lymphoma, a woman with breast cancer, etc. The tumor should be small enough less than 2cm and lymph nodes should not be present in that area. Then, a person may get cured by … [Read more...]

Skin Cancer – Signs You’re at Risk

Skin cancer is one of those conditions that don’t show any symptoms until it’s at a more advanced stage. Skin cancer can affect anyone and it can occur on any part of your body but some people do have a higher risk of developing it than others. These are the risk factors that you need to know about. 11 Signs You Have a Higher Risk of Developing Skin Cancer You’re over the age of 40. Studies show that over 90% of melanoma patients are over the age of 40, which is why regular skin checks are … [Read more...]