Where to Put Your Cat’s Litter Box

The rule of thumb when it comes to tucking away your cat’s litter box is: don’t think about you, think about your cat. Certain locations like behind bathroom stalls, closets, and cabinets may be convenient for you, but how about for the one who’s actually going to be using the litter box?  The great thing about our resident felines is that they don’t have to be let outside or walked in order to their business. Most cats are content discharging their bowels in clean, strategically placed … [Read more...]

7 Ways to Clean Up After Your Kitty

Cats are great companions and can make even the saddest person feel better. They are fun and playful while their purring is calming and soothing. If you own a cat, you probably know the joy of returning home to your furry friend. However, cats tend to surprise us with shredded toilet paper and scattered litter. Cats can sometimes sleep through the entire day, while at other times, they want fun, and they’ll find it in the weirdest places. Although they’re not necessarily difficult to clean … [Read more...]

How To Groom Your Cat

A lot of the grooming that happens to your cat is performed by your cat. Cats take care of a lot of their grooming responsibilities.  Some people say that cats groom themselves for close to half of a day. That makes perfect sense though because whenever I see my cat, they are usually licking their own fur.  Although cats do spend lots of time grooming, they still need a little help for many various reasons and spending some time grooming your cat can give you some time to bond with your … [Read more...]

5 Common Health Problems of Senior Cats

Compared to dogs, cats are quite good at hiding the symptoms of any ailment. They are natural predators, so they loathe showing that they are weak. They cover up any sign of weakness, and that’s why it can be challenging to tell whether your senior cat is suffering from a health problem. In this post, we’ll look at some of the most common medical conditions that aging cats experience and that you should be prepared for as your feline friend becomes older. Arthritis This degenerative … [Read more...]

Ways to Stop Aggression in a Cat

Cats are wonderful pets, with their calming purr and their love for cleanliness. In fact, regarding that, your cat may benefit from you having a look at the Litter Robot 3 review, as this can help both you and them. Despite their wonderfulness, they can also be a bit of a dilemma for their owners, particularly when it comes to aggressiveness. Let’s find out how to properly stop this. Start by Understanding Your Cat This is probably what you’re having a hard time with, but with a bit of a time … [Read more...]

The Ultimate Guide to Litter-Training Your New Adult Cat

If you’re a cat-enthusiast, chances are you own or have owned a few cats and have had to litter train them. So, you may already have an idea of how to do it. That being said, most of us only know how to deal with kittens. This article is for those who decided to take in an adult, outdoor or stray cat and give them a home. But that’s just the first step.  What comes next is more challenging - getting your kitty properly litter-trained! Training a full-grown cat to use a litter box is … [Read more...]

What Are The Deadly and Dangerous Cat Diseases?

According to records, there are more than thousands of feral and stray cats roaming around the streets. It is indispensable to take care of these cats as they carry deadly diseases and eventually transfer them to your pet cats. Many people lose their feline friends, and some don't want to pet due to the same reason. Some of the common diseases found in cats include kidney failure, ticks, fleas, parasites, and more. Compared to pet cats, stray or outdoor cats are more likely to have feline … [Read more...]

Know What The Symptoms of Cat Separation Anxiety Are

Do you know cats are independent being that is why people don’t understand the cat separation anxiety? Yes, it is true cats can be considered social beings that too can form a long-lasting relationship with another being. However, kitty can feel abandoned due to owner’s busy work schedule or routine change. It is much difficult to spot compared to dog separation anxiety. They start meowing a lot thus becoming clingy. Cats reflect signs of fear or defecate outside the box. These signs tell the … [Read more...]