Pet Nutrition: Is There CBD For Dogs?

CBD is a new health trend that you may have probably observed online. There are many CBD products out there that are usually offered to humans. Because of this, some pet owners may be wondering if there’s a CBD product that’s designed to help dogs. This is because dogs may have health problems, or even behavior problems, that are driving dog owners crazy because they have no idea how to cure their dog. First, CBD is not a cure-all substance. However, some sources claim that CBD can indeed be … [Read more...]

Best Value CBD Oils for Pain and Anxiety

If you’re experiencing pains and/or anxiety, CBD may be a treatment that you haven't tried yet. If you’re unfamiliar with CBD, it is a cannabinoid that occurs naturally in Cannabis plants. Research on the substance is gathering pace, but early results show promising evidence that CBD products are an excellent remedy for pain and anxiety.  In stark contrast to THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) which is another cannabinoid, CBD doesn't have any psychoactive side effects. This means you wouldn’t … [Read more...]

Why Is CBD Oil Not Working? 3 Reasons

In recent years we hear a lot about CBD oil and positive effects it has, so a lot of people think it is some kind of discovery. However,  CBD was first extracted by a chemist Roger Adams in 1940. In the beginning, he and his team didn't realize the potency of the compound they isolated, so CBD started gaining popularity several decades later.  In case you don't know what we are talking about, CBD is a compound in a cannabis Sativa plant, as well as THC.  And as with THC, there … [Read more...]

Is CBD Oil Healthy for Your Kids?

If you’ve been paying attention to the struggles of the CBD-using community, you’ve probably heard of reports to Child Protective Services (CPS) on parents who give their children CBD. The parents claimed that the CBD was essential to help their child overcome a severe ailment while healthcare providers or neighbors biased against CBD told CPS that they were neglecting to properly treat their child or put their child in danger by giving them CBD. Were those calls justified? Is CBD oil (also … [Read more...]

The Legality of CBD Oil in New York

First thing’s first: is CBD oil legal in New York? As with many things surrounding the legality of CBD oil (cannabidiol) throughout the US, the answer is complicated. As medical cannabis and cannabis products are still illegal at the Federal level, then CBD oil is likewise illegal in the state of New York, regardless of what state laws may say. On the other hand, the Federal government has more or less stepped down its prosecution of marijuana-related crimes in the past decade, creating … [Read more...]

10 Health Benefits of CBD Oil That Everyone Should Know

Everyone is talking about it, yet few actually understand its therapeutic benefits. Like the phenomenal magic waters that give life, CBD oil is now popping up in the medical world with positive attributes each day. Read on to find out why you should use CBD oil. Gone are the days when you would give the doctors full trust. Yes, there are better machines to treat and diagnose ailments, but not only have medications become more expensive but pharmaceutical medicines always come with … [Read more...]

Quick Facts and Benefits You Should Know About CBD Oil

There’s no denying the fact that more countries have now legalized marijuana use, but there is a derivative of the plant which has already gained ground amongst numerous users: CBD oil. CBD is a compound from the cannabis plant, and it is also known as cannabidiol. This compound is known for its non-intoxicating properties, which means that it doesn’t contain any THC, which is the compound most associated with that ‘high’ feeling. While some products that contain CBD oil may also have THC, it is … [Read more...]

How CBD Oil Helps With Carb And Sugar Cravings

CBD oil can help with cravings because of the way that it helps to manage a lot of parts of you. This is something that you can use when you would like to start a weight loss journey, and you also need to remember that you are going to need to infuse this into your diet as much as possible.  Someone who would like to have a better chance of losing weight needs to have a chance of using something that is not addictive, that is easy o dose, and that is easy to understand. You can also get … [Read more...]