10 Important Reasons to Go to Church Every Sunday

Religion is almost as old as man. The earliest evidence of faith dates back to the Middle and Lower Paleolithic periods hundreds of thousands of years ago. Yet here we are, in the 21st Century, still practicing a unified devotion to religious spirits. Is going to church important? Does practicing strong faith lead to a more fulfilling life? What are some reasons to go to church? The answers to these questions differ for everyone. It doesn't matter if you want to learn more about your … [Read more...]

Why You Should Have Your Church Retreat in Destin

"To enjoy nature, is to enjoy God, they are one in the same." These words ring true anytime you enjoy the great outdoors. The mountains, trees, flowers, birds, bees, rivers, oceans, and all of nature is a manifestation of God’s work. So, when planning a spiritual or church retreat, it makes sense to do it somewhere the group can easily connect with nature and God’s presence. Enter Destin, Florida. This paradise haven on the Gulf Coast exemplifies purity. With its crystal white beaches, … [Read more...]

Small-Church Closeness With Big-Church Resources

There has always been a conundrum for churches regarding the size of the congregation. They work hard to draw in new people, and the congregation grows. Things are happening, the facilities expand, activities expand, and there's a great deal of forward momentum. Then the church may reach a size that overwhelms people, and even pushes away existing members. It's a difficult situation. Churches never actively turn people away, yet their growth and size can sometimes do it for them. For … [Read more...]

Supporting Your Local Church Through Fundraising: Tips, Tricks & Ideas

Are you an active member of your local church? Do you love getting involved in helping to run church events? Does your family attend every Sunday and want to give something back? Then, how about supporting your local church through fundraising? Organizing different events and activities to help raise money for your church can be a wonderful thing to do. Especially, if you and your family are active church goers. Whether your church is in need of a new roof, a replacement stained glass window, … [Read more...]