French Press vs Pour Over Coffee: Choosing the Method for You

Our appreciation for coffee has led to the birth of a variety of home brewing methods, which include French presses and pour-over techniques. Once our options were only limited to drip machines and percolators, but there is now a bevy of coffee brewing systems available. You can even get a high-end espresso machine for home use.  Even with the advent of automated systems, which have made various aspects of coffee brewing easier, some of us still find these methods unable to meet our … [Read more...]

Understanding the Different Types of Coffee Makers

Today’s coffee culture has expanded and grown to become a staple in almost every country worldwide. There are hundreds of machines on the market that can make fantastic coffee faster than buying one at a coffee store. There are coffee makers out there that will cater and produce every type of coffee and brewing method you can think of. The only problem with this profusion of choices is actually choosing one, especially if you are not clear on the different coffee brewing techniques and options … [Read more...]

Essential Items for Coffee Enthusiasts

If you are a person who needs your morning coffee fix, you need to make sure the coffee is done perfectly and is prepared just the way you want it. There is nothing worse than starting off a long day of work without the coffee you normally drink. Fortunately for you, however, there are plenty of ways to get your coffee started in the morning and done just the way you like it. If you are a coffee enthusiast, certain accessories for your morning coffee are downright mandatory and will greatly … [Read more...]

Five Things That Nobody Told You About Decaf Coffee

The evolution in the coffee industry has not only revolutionized the way of making coffee, but it has also broadened the options for coffee lovers. From coffee capsules to different flavors of coffee, now there are a myriad of options for coffee lovers all around the world. The same evolution in the coffee world has led to a new kid on the block; decaf coffee. Decaf is the short form of decaffeinated coffee. This coffee is made from coffee beans, but it has relatively less amount of caffeine … [Read more...]

7 Reasons Youngsters Love Coffee

When was the first time that you heard about coffee or tasted it? You probably don’t even remember. Coffee is one of the earliest tastes that we can remember. Did you know that the demand for coffee is continuously growing? Yup! Thanks to the millennials and the younger generations, the consumption of coffee is at an all-time high. The United States is the place with the highest consumption of coffee and the demand is continuously rising. There are various reasons for this rise. One of the … [Read more...]

How to Make a Great Cup of Coffee at Home

Even for the best cook sits hard to claim they can brew a perfect cup of coffee, but with a few simple tips, it is easy to make a great-tasting cup of coffee at home. Home make coffee is a real saving compared to buying it in a coffee shop. Regardless of the brewing method you choose, always start with freshly ground coffee beans. Coffee beans are roasted to various degrees of darkness. Choose darker beans for stronger flavor, lighter beans for mild tasting coffee, or create your own blend for … [Read more...]

10 Things All Coffee Makers Have In Common

Coffee is one of the most common things people have during their breakfast. It is the first thing that you drink early in the morning, which keeps you refreshed throughout the day. Although you can brew your morning coffee yourself, many users use a coffee maker to do the job for them.  There are many different ways to brew coffee, and some of them may not suit your taste. Hence it is important to know the type of coffee that you like before you go and start adding ingredients in the coffee … [Read more...]

3 Easy Ways to Clean Your Coffee Thermos

A coffee thermos is an ideal container that allows you to sip hot coffee hours after it was originally made. This makes it ideal for road trips that don’t feature too many coffee shops along the way. However, the thermos does come with a design flaw and that is the need to constantly clean it. This procedure is important because any coffee stains that remain after a superficial cleaning can interfere with the quality of the drink. Using vinegar and baking soda One of the most … [Read more...]