The Difference Between Plastic And Cosmetic Surgery

Both cosmetic and plastic surgery is performed on areas of the body for aesthetic enhancements, and thus they’re both elective and neither are covered by insurance, except in some severe cases. Although the two areas of medicine are closely related and can be performed by the same specialist, they’re not one and the same.  If you’re wondering what the difference is between plastic surgery and cosmetic procedures, read on to learn more.  Certification  It goes without … [Read more...]

Tips To Find the Best Cosmetic Clinic

Have you ever heard of a cosmetic clinic? It is way more than a cosmetic parlor and you get services that are totally different than those you are getting in a normal parlor. There are several types of clinics that offer different services depending on the complexities and training of their staff. Their staff cannot be compared to a normal beauty parlor’s staff as they include proper surgeons and people who are well trained in providing expert services. These services may include removal of … [Read more...]