Goals For 2014

Welcome, 2014!  I am ready for a new year, that is for sure.  If you missed it, make sure to check out my reflections from 2013.  Today I want to talk about goals. I know, I know - January 1st everyone talks about goals, but nobody actually keeps with them, right?  This year I'm going to try my hardest to keep them.  I have lots of personal and business goals I want and need to do this year.  I want to share them with you to hopefully keep myself more accountable. Personal Go to the … [Read more...]

Reintroducing Myself

For April I have decided to participate in the Ultimate Blog Challenge. I am going to attempt to do at least one blog post a day.  Of course that doesn't count giveaways and other exciting things I have in store for you this month. :) To start April off, I thought I would kind of reintroduce myself.  I have received a lot of new readers since this blog started in January of 2012, and I know everyone doesn't get a chance to go to my 'About Me' at the top of the homepage, so here we go! My … [Read more...]

Day 4 and 5 of March 2013 Blog Challenge

  I did not get a chance to get day four up yesterday, so I'm just going to combine day four and five into one! :)   Day 4: Best Childhood Memory For this blog challenge, my favorite childhood memory would probably have to be a tie between when I was about 5 and we went to Gatlinburg, Tennessee for Easter.  Of course I was so worried the Easter bunny wouldn't find me because we weren't home... but of course he did "find us. ;-)  I had a lot of fun going on the go-carts and just … [Read more...]

Day 3 of March 2013 Blog Challenge

Day 3 Blog Challenge: What Makes You Happy There are lots of things that make me happy.  One, of course is my family.  I love my daughter with all of my heart - I finally understand the love my parents have for me.  I never thought I'd be able to love somebody so little as much as you do for your child.  It's amazing.  Miles is my other half.  I don't know what I would do without him.  He knows what to say to cheer me up when I'm upset and having him stand beside me no matter what obstacle we … [Read more...]

Day 2 of March 2013 Blog Challenge

 Day 2: Favorite Quote(s). I am a major quote lover.  In fact, back in junior high and high school (wow, that seems like it was forever ago LOL) I was so obsessed with them that I filled up three notebooks, cover to cover, with quotes that I found online or read in books or heard in television shows or movies that I watched.  They were either quotes that I loved and/or could relate to.  With that said, it's pretty hard to pick just one favorite, or a couple favorites.  So here are five of my … [Read more...]

Day 1 of March 2013 Blog Challenge

I've decided to join in on the 31 Day March 2013 Blog Challenge that is being hosted by Fabulous Finds by Tiffany!  It sounded like a really good idea for you to get to know me a little better, and that way I won't be drawing a blank on what to talk about!  :-) Day 1: Self Portrait & 5 Random Facts [I literally JUST took this... ignore my messy hair and crappy camera phone.  Lol.] I'm a Scentsy consultant and I'm super excited about all the new products that just came out for … [Read more...]

10 Day You Challenge – Nine Loves

  So I started this 10 Day Challenge last November with my Ten Secrets but haven't gone on to do the rest of the challenges.  So that's what I'll be doing now! :)  Here's nine loves I have! My Family - Of course this would be first.  I don't know what I would do without them.  From Miles, to Riley, to my parents and my aunt.  I love them all dearly. Caffeine Free Diet Dr. Pepper - I am obsessed with this stuff now.  To me, it tastes just like Dr. Pepper but it doesn't have the … [Read more...]

10 Day You Challenge – Ten Secrets

I'm joining Blog Love Therapy for the 10 Day You Challenge!  I figured this would get me out of the writing slump I'm in, plus let you get to know me better!  So here we go with day one, which is ten secrets about me! I am obsessed with making sure my nails are clean.  I carry nail clippers/trimmers with me wherever I am that way I can make sure if they get dirty, I can clean them when I get a chance. I'm also obsessed with keeping my computer keyboard clean - I'll take the little … [Read more...]