How to Create Unique Cremation Jewelry at Home

Have you recently lost a loved one? Are you looking for a way to keep their memory alive and with you forever?  If you recently lost a parent or spouse and want to memorialize their cremains in a unique and intimate manner, then cremation jewelry just might be the answer for you. You have heard of people making their own unique cremation jewelry, but aren’t quite sure what it is and if you could do it. But don’t worry, we’ve got all your information for you here. From what … [Read more...]

Honoring a Loved One Post-Cremation

Losing a loved one is never easy, and the hassle of planning the perfect memorial can often be overwhelming. Honoring the life they led and dealing with the loss on a personal level is a lot to handle during an emotional time.  After cremation services are performed, creating an environment for the deceased’s family and friends to properly honor their legacy doesn’t have to be a burden. Here are a few tips to ensure your final goodbyes are both memorable and honorable.  Preparing … [Read more...]