3 Low Impact Sports For Safe Exercise

High-energy sports and exercises might seem fun, and there's a lot of science backing them up as one of the healthiest ways to take care of your body. You don't necessarily need to be particularly good at a high-impact sport either to see the health benefits; for example, playing tennis for fun can burn around 169 calories in 30 minutes for a woman, and 208 calories in 30 minutes for an average man. However, the benefits of high-impact workouts come at a cost, particularly for children: … [Read more...]

Tips For Using Fat Bike and Cycling For Fitness

If you are one of those people who enjoy leisurely paddling around a block or on a flat section of a natural road, you may be in for a happy ride. Riding on a bike for pleasure is a good form of aerobic exercise. But you probably won't lose much weight unless you plan a "push yourself" plan. I'm really sick of hearing that people say, "No pain and no use!" But the ancient saying is true when it comes to riding a bike to lose weight. Moving you’re cycling distance or speed, you are sure that you … [Read more...]

7 Tips For Teaching Your Child To Ride A Bicycle

It’s obvious that cycling is an activity that packs great fun and any lively kid would love to have a feel of this. If you think your child is not too young to start learning how to ride a bicycle, below are some interesting tips to teach him/her in the best way. Get Your Child Ready to Ride The suitable age to get started with riding might vary from one child to another but most times, children within the age of 4 should be ready to start riding. Of course, you shouldn’t think a kid with … [Read more...]