Diamond vs Moissanite: What Are the Differences?

Both diamonds and moissanite gemstones are gorgeous but there are some differences between the two. Learn more with our diamond vs moissanite guide! The brilliance, the shine, the bling. You just love the look of diamonds! ...or is it moissanite?  Moissanite is a relative newcomer to the jewelry scene, but it's creating quite a stir. In fact, the revenue of the moissanite industry is expected to go from 29.2 million in 2018 to approximately 57.1 million in 2028! At first … [Read more...]

Five Shades of Diamonds – The Popular Diamond Colors

Diamonds are some of the most beautiful stones on the planet. They are perfect, strong and very prominent in the profile of luxury and love. However, diamonds have another utilitarian uses too! Owing to their hard nature and wonderful composition, people have used them for various reasons. These diamonds vary greatly when it comes to shape, color and type. In this article, we explore some of the colors in which this marvelous stone appears, and how to identify it in the spectrum.   … [Read more...]

Buying Cut Diamonds In Singapore: Have a Look at the Choices

An ideal choice for weddings, an ornament setting a class apart, and of course, a woman's best friend - that's diamonds for you. Well, it's apparent that you confuse yourselves while looking for the best diamond piece to embed into a ring. Be it an auspicious wedding, a surprise proposal, or a special gift; different occasions have different choices for diamonds. Well, it's not too tough to determine the type of diamond to embed into a ring. They come in various shapes and sizes, and the most … [Read more...]