What Are the Best Diapers for Babies? 10 Awesome Options

On average, a new parent will change a newborn's diaper up to 12 times per day. Throughout their first year of life, parents will likely pay around $900 (or more) for diapers. Diapers are one of the most expensive ongoing expenses when you have a baby. Children can stay in diapers for an average of three years (or more, depending on nighttime wetting) before they're potty trained.  With such a big expense, you'll want to know the best diapers to help save you some money and keep … [Read more...]

10 Tips To Handle Leaky Nighttime Diapers (For a Peaceful Sleep)

Waking up every two hours during the night to change your baby's diapers or dealing with their diaper rash: which one would you say is the worst? It's a tough choice between the two, isn't it? Believe it or not, leaky nighttime diapers are one of the most common causes of stress among new moms. Let's be honest, using diaper doublers to prevent diaper leaks is a big no-no. Not only is it a regressive practice, it is also grossly expensive and wasteful. If you're struggling with handling baby … [Read more...]

How To Wash Baby Cloth Diapers

Motherhood is a gift of God and when you have a baby, you aim to give the best. A lot of parents are attracted towards natural things and cloth diaper is one of them. A reusable cloth diaper is manufactured from natural fibers and man-made materials without using any chemicals. There are different styles like flats, fitted, contours, pockets, hybrid, prefolds and a few more. Cloth diapers are very easy to use; best for the baby’s skin and extremely economical.  But cleaning is a very important … [Read more...]