How To Start a Small Business After Divorce

Life after divorce can be overwhelming for anyone. After years of sharing your life with someone, your routine is disrupted, and you have no choice but to get accustomed to being single again. The emotional rollercoaster is no easy ride, but you can get through it.  Starting a business comes with a whole lot of challenges for anyone. Nevertheless, it can be done, and with great success. Your effort to find more insight on the same is already a step in the right direction. If capital is a … [Read more...]

6 Signs That Could Mean Your Relationship is Breaking Down

Nobody wants to admit that their relationship is damaged, or deal with the consequences of ending a difficult situation. However, being in denial is no good for anybody’s wellbeing and it’s their right to be in a relationship that they are happy with. That’s why it’s important to watch out for the following signs which may be an indication that your relationship isn’t as stable as it should be. You’re Failing to Communicate  This can manifest in many ways. Failing to communicate … [Read more...]

What Factors Are Used When Determining A Child Custody

Taking the decision to break up a family is no easy thing, but in many circumstances, it is the only option left and is sometimes necessary. What comes next is probably the most difficult part of the process, and this is determining who gets to have custody of the child involved. It could be a complex process, and if you’re concerned because you have no idea what goes into it, then it’s about time you understood what factors are used to determine a child custody. It’s important that you look … [Read more...]

How to Reduce Stress for Children During a Divorce

When a marriage comes to an end, it is traumatic for the spouses, but when children are involved the stakes become even higher. Children are not able to process and rationalize trauma in the same way as adults and as a result can end up feeling guilty, as if they have somehow caused their parents to separate. These feelings can become deep-rooted and stay with them as they grow leading to unhealthy anger and feelings of rejection. However, it is possible to minimize the stress that children … [Read more...]

Solo Travel After Divorce: 3 Reasons Why You Should Book That Vacation Now

Dealing with a breakup or divorce is tough, and healing can take time. Also people deal with breakups differently and have different ways to cope. One good way to recover from a divorce is to take a solo trip. The benefits you’ll receive out of solo travel after a divorce are endless, no matter where the destination is. Here are three reasons why you should book your vacation now. Observe the world in a new way People tend to take a lot for granted. However, when travel is the main … [Read more...]

Information On What You Need To Know About Post-Divorce Child Relocation

Both parents must work together to determine what is best for their child. If one parent chooses to move to another region and take the child with, the other parent must agree. In case of you having a child custody order in place, it will be necessary to return to court with the agreement to have it modified, and the new living situation added. As long as the new arrangement is according to your child’s best interests, the judge will have no issues in approving it. However, if the move is not to … [Read more...]

Co-Parenting Divorce Tips for Divorced Parents

According to Complete Case, co-parenting after divorce refers to a situation where two parents who no longer live together share the responsibilities of their children. When couples have been in a contentious relationship, or the marriage was marred with domestic violence and divorce takes place, co-parenting becomes a daunting task because both parents hardly get back into terms with one another. The separated parents take the initiative of raising children to avoid pain and hurt in the lives … [Read more...]

How Divorce Affects Your Kids

Most adults have had to come to grips with the idea that divorce is a fact of life. Though it isn’t something everyone will experience personally, we all know or will know someone going through it. As a result, it’s something we’ve come to accept can happen to everyone. It also means people work very hard to keep their marriages stable and avoid some of the pitfalls that lead to divorce. But the problem with divorce is, the people it affects the most aren’t equipped with the maturity to deal … [Read more...]