Reasons Why People Get Caught Up in Addiction

Addiction is the number one health crisis in America and costs taxpayers 500 billion a year. The worst part is the majority of addiction cases are never reported. This could be as a result of the stigma and victimization associated with the condition. What a lot of people fail to realize is that addiction is a disease like any other and requires treatment. That is why it is crucial that you’re reaching out to a friend or a loved one as soon as you suspect they could be suffering from addiction. … [Read more...]

Denver Criminal Defense Attorney On Why Parents Should Talk To Their Kids About Drug Penalties

The topic about drugs is a sensitive one, and is best handled by someone with authority. The family is the basic form of a community wherein parents can be considered as figures of authority by the young community members – the children. When someone with authority gives a discussion about a certain topic, especially drugs and drug penalties, their words are given credence and due acceptance by the individuals who listen to them.  Thus, as a parent, you have the important role of effectively … [Read more...]

How Do You Take Suboxone and How Does It Help Addicts?

Are you trying to get the answer to the question "How do you take suboxone?" Read this article to learn more about taking suboxone and how it helps addicts. Did you know that in 2018, around 10.3 million Americans misused opioids? If you're one of them, we can help. Are you wondering, "How do you take Suboxone?" Not to worry! In this guide, we'll go over Suboxone treatment. Want to learn more? Keep reading to find out. What Is Suboxone? Suboxone is a prescription medication made … [Read more...]

How Rehab Work as a Treatment for Alcoholism and Other Addictions?

Do rehab centers work for addict?  The most commonly proposed solution for anyone with addiction problems related to any kind of substance is to go to rehab but does rehabilitation actually help someone who is struggling with addiction? Drug rehabilitation is the process of medical or psychotherapeutic treatment for those who are addicted to or dependent on substances such as alcohol, prescription drugs or street drugs. The treatment usually includes counseling and therapy, along with … [Read more...]

Substance Abuse Treatment: Some Common Queries and Their Answers

In 2017, over 19 million Americans, including 12-year-olds and more reported drug and alcohol use problems. That's why it will not come as a surprise if someone told you that America loses more than $740 billion every year due to substance abuse. The reasons behind such massive loss are lower workplace productivity and higher medical and crime-related expenses. Even you may know someone dear to you caught up in this trap. Well, if you wish to see the person in good health once again, send him or … [Read more...]

9 Xanax Addiction Symptoms: What to Look for When You Suspect Xanax Abuse

Suspect a loved one is abusing Xanax but don't want to confront them until you're certain? Here are 9 Xanax addiction symptoms to keep an eye out for. Xanax abuse often begins innocently. People struggling with anxiety and depression seek help from their doctors who prescribe the drug for short-term use. Xanax provides rapid-relief for anxiety and panic disorders, but over time, your body needs more of the drug to feel the same effects. Taking the drug in large doses can produce … [Read more...]

What Happens During Addiction Treatment?

The decision to go into rehab isn't an easy one to make, but often, it can be vital to get your life back on track. People from all walks of life fall prey to the stresses of life and sometimes turn to drugs or alcohol, instead of more positive coping mechanisms. It isn't a failure or a reflection of the personalities of those afflicted. It's merely an unfortunate truth of life. Getting help is the first step to getting better. How different facilities choose to deliver that help can vary. … [Read more...]

How You Can Keep Your Kids Off Drugs

The 2017 National Institute on Drug Abuse’s Monitoring the Future study had some scary statistics for parents: One-third of all respondents (8th, 10th and 12th graders) admitted to using drugs in the last 12 months. Nearly two out of 10, or 17% of eighth graders, admitted to having tried an illicit substance at some point (not necessarily in the past year). By 10th grade, almost half, or 49%, had tried an illicit drug at least once. Even scarier is the fact that trying an … [Read more...]