No-Dye Easter Egg Decorating Ideas Using Plastic Eggs

If you’re wanting a fun and creative way to decorate Easter eggs without the hassle and mess of dyeing them, consider these ideas. While you can use plain white or brown hard-boiled eggs for some of these projects, most of these decorating ideas work best on plastic eggs, such as these eggs that are suitable for decorating. These egg decorating ideas are perfect for adults, especially if you’re looking to use these eggs for decor, such as centerpieces or to display on a mantle or sideboard. … [Read more...]

Fun Ways to Spend Easter With the Whole Family

If Easter makes your kids think of bunnies and brightly colored eggs, now’s the time to bring their vision to life. This much-anticipated spring holiday offers plenty of opportunities for fun that your entire family can enjoy, including your little ones. However, if you aren’t sure where to start, it may seem difficult to get into the Easter spirit. Here are some classic ideas to help you throw a holiday celebration that everyone will remember. Happy Easter postcard on white marble … [Read more...]

Holiday Gift Baskets Are Perfect for Any Occasion Such as Easter

Easter is one of the best reasons to send a holiday gift basket. For one, the basket can be used to gather eggs or to create a seasonal decoration like a dinner table centerpiece. Another reason is that gift baskets are an excellent way to send chocolate and other treats. The best reason to send someone a gift basket no matter what the occasion is always to show them that they are appreciated. When You Can’t Make It for Easter Gift baskets are the perfect option when you want to have a … [Read more...]

5 Non-Candy Easter Gifts For Kids + Giveaway

Every year we have the same dilemma...what to buy the kids for Easter. While there are many different types of Easter Candy available (all that are very delicious) I always like to have a few non-candy gifts to add to the kids Easter Baskets. SmitCo sells a ton of products for kids. So I wanted to highlight a few of their kid jewelry options they have available so you can add a few non- candy gifts to your Easter Baskets. They also have fun journals available too! Stretch Butterfly Necklace, … [Read more...]

Celebrating Easter: Common Questions Answered

If you say the word "Easter" to a group of children and ask them to come up with one word to describe it, what do you think they would say? It seems logical that you would hear variations on the same theme: "Chocolate!" "Chicks!" "Bunny!" "Eggs!" "Time off school!" [img] Perhaps there would be one or two children there who would venture the true meaning of Easter, but it seems unlikely to be the entire group. And frankly, who can blame them? As soon as the Christmas … [Read more...]

Spring Break and Vacation Travel Tips

With spring break coming up for lots of families or going to your family's house for Easter, you may be thinking about where you are going, or you may have decided where to go.  I know when I go anywhere I am always afraid of someone getting sick all of a sudden, and I feel that holiday illness always goes up.  Doesn't it always seem that you get sick more when you are away from home?  I know it happens to me! To make sure if you or your husband or child gets sick, you are prepared, you … [Read more...]