Effective Ways to Encourage Healthier Eating Habits in Kids

As any seasoned parent can attest, steering kids in the direction of healthy eating can be an uphill battle. Since most children value taste over nutrition, it’s hardly surprising that they tend to flock to candy, chips, soda and other high-fat options. While there’s nothing wrong with occasional junk food indulgences – especially when you’re young – unhealthy foods shouldn’t be the only things your little ones develop a taste for. Although getting kids interested in healthy eating isn’t always … [Read more...]

How To Encourage Healthy Eating In Young Children

A healthy and balanced diet is essential for the health and wellbeing of our minds and bodies, and this is no truer than in the case of young children. The foods young children consume don’t just have a direct effect on the heath of their bodies, but also on their developmental growth. With access to the right types of food - and an education about food groups and the importance of nutrition - a child will have increased cognitive function and perform better academically. To encourage a child … [Read more...]