Preparing Your Kids For The Next School Year

Going into a new school year brings new excitement and with that comes back to school shopping.  There are many things to consider when preparing your children for the new year, and providing them what they need for a fresh start is the first step to achieving success. Backpacks The first thing your children are going to need to go into school is the right backpack.  It is important to have the right backpack for your children depending on the age and grade they are going … [Read more...]

Common Places To Go On A School Trip

What comes to mind when you consider school trips? Probably, some boring museums or dull libraries, right? Well no offense, but as much as there are people who adore museums and libraries, but usually children don’t! But that’s not an issue too. Know why? Only because when it comes to educational trips, it doesn’t always have to be around the museum or library. Instead, since traveling is a wonderful teacher that not only allows children to discover the wondrous beauties of the world but also … [Read more...]

What is a Military-Friendly College?

After years of challenging and selfless service, many members of the military hope to pave their own way in a new career. Whether they made the decision to pursue higher education after their service or if they joined the military with this goal in mind, veterans can find it challenging to adjust to life as a student. Nonetheless, research shows that 12.5 percent of veterans earn associates degrees, and more veterans attain bachelor’s degrees than non-veterans.  In order to help veterans … [Read more...]

Creative Way to Teach and Learn using Glass Board for Excellent Results!

Throughout your childhood, you grew up watching different kinds of boards in school. Some of you might remember your teacher using chalk to write on a blackboard. Others may remember your teacher using a marker to write on a whiteboard.  But now, it seems like a glass board is replacing every traditional board. You may think that what makes a glass board a better option than traditional boards?  Well, it turns out. There are a lot of benefits associated with using a glass … [Read more...]

E-Learning is Changing Career Potential

The world of online education is changing the number of career opportunities for people across the globe. Barriers of scheduling, distance, and finances have been reduced as schools and companies have opened courses and learning portals that provide career training and general subject education. There are some careers showing remarkable potential in the coming years, and much of the training needed can be completed online. Whether it is a degree or certification program, finishing a course of … [Read more...]

Impact of Technology in Solving Educational Crisis

Technology has had a positive effect on education and in the learning institution. In the modern world, technology and being internet savvy are some of the factors that help in achieving your goals in school. There have been concerns about how technology can solve any challenges in school.  Technology has the power to have an impact on how students learn. It has improved learning, brought about better engagements through the virtual programs. What the learning institutions have invested … [Read more...]

English Pre-school in Bangkok

Enrol Your Child in an English Pre-school in Bangkok Enrolling your child in an English pre-school in Bangkok is the best way to offer your child a head start in their education. The professional world is rapidly becoming global in scope, and for international careers in science, commerce and law, English is the most widely-spoken language. Why not immerse your child from the beginning of their educational career in the language that is prevalent in almost every career path your child … [Read more...]

Importance of Play in Preschool

Giving your child a few toys and time to play is the groundwork for all progressive learning for children. It provides the child with an assortment of valuable learning prospects. A child begins to understand the world he/she is living in through play. It reveals their imagination and creativity. Activities develop their thinking, reading, and problem-solving skills. It is the foundation for learning.   Why is playing in Preschool so essential, and what does All Kidz Preschool - … [Read more...]