Why Early Childhood Education is a Key to Lifelong Success

Many parents debate over whether sending their young children to preschool can be a good option for their future. Some would rather spend time at home with their parents or grandparents and for others, this is not an option due to their strict working hours. There are truly quite a few benefits to early childhood education which many parents might not have thought about and they can truly influence their child’s life in a very positive manner. If you’re struggling to make this decision, here … [Read more...]

Playing Word Count Games With Kids

As a mom, you may constantly be on the hunt for fun activities and games that you can play with your kids, especially now since kids are spending more time at home than ever. As parents also work more from home, they’ve got more time to strike that balance with work and giving time to play with kids. Fortunately, if you ran out of ideas, a trip down to your toy store will lead you to so many interactive and educational games, which are quite affordable.  New studies in the field of … [Read more...]

Why Are Nursery Rhymes Important for Kids?

Singing nursery rhymes for your kids might seem like little more than a traditional cliche. However, nursery rhymes can lead to improving multiple forms of development for children.  If you’re asking yourself how these simple rhymes are important for your kids, here’s a few reasons.  Building language skills Nursery rhymes offer a fun way for kids to begin their language development. It creates fun ways for them to memorize the meaning of certain words, as well as increase … [Read more...]

Why You Need Aloe Vera in Your Daily Life – Discover the Surprising Benefits

The Aloe plant is often described as highly useful and valued as a herbal healing remedy that has been used since time immemorial. Along with nourishing the body from within by boosting the immune function, providing nutrients and aiding digestion, it is a worthwhile topical solution for enhancing the beauty and health of your hair, skin, face and more. You can use aloe vera in your daily hair and skin care regimen. Harvesting the Gel Before delving into why aloe vera is worth considering … [Read more...]

Good Tips Tuesday Link-Up Party #142 – 5 Fall Learning Ideas #GTTuesday

Welcome to week # of Good Tips Tuesday! Today we are sharing 5 fall learning activities. What a great way to get in the spirit of fall while doing something educational! Hammering Nails In Pumpkins from There's Just One Mommy Fun Fall Banner For The Kids from Your Vibrant Family 20 Crafts And Activities Using Fall Leaves from There's Just One Mommy Fall Leaves Preschool Printable from Homeschool Preschool Make A Leaf Family: An Easy Preschool Craft from Homeschool Preschool We want … [Read more...]

Good Tips Tuesday Link-Up Party #134 – Educational Activities For Kids #GTTuesday

Welcome to week 134 of Good Tips Tuesday! Today I'm sharing some educational activities for kids. Whether your children are back in school or haven't started yet, these are some great activities for them! 12 Bird Themed Tot Trays & Activities by Smarte Parte 30 Days of LEGO Play by Mom's Messy Miracles Ice Cream Themed Sensory Bin by Jenny at Dapperhouse Five Math Games with Shopkins by Sustain My Craft Habit Learning Sight Words with Letter Beads by The Joys of Boys Paint Sample … [Read more...]

Good Tips Tuesday Link-Up Party #125 Star Wars Learning Activities

Welcome to week 125 of Good Tips Tuesday! Today Angela is sharing some great Star Wars learning activities with us. These are perfect for keeping the education going in a fun way this summer! Star Wars Handwriting Pack from Embark On The Journey Star Wars Addition Cards from Royal Baloo Star Wars Sensory Bin from Something 2 Offer Star Wars Printable Preschool Pack from Homeschool Preschool Printable Star Wars Story Cube Prompt from 4 The Love Of Family We want this to be a … [Read more...]