A Short Tour Of Some Of The Best Email Marketing Tools For Small Brands

The undisputed ruler of the marketing world is social media. Then you have email. Although today’s marketers aren’t that email savvy, you still need to utilize this effective and time-honored communication method. Keyboard keys on gray surface. HubSpot Email marketing is one of the best names in the circuit. It offers a feature-packed and reliable service that suits your growing business at no cost.You can create and curate professional marketing mails for engaging and growing your … [Read more...]

5 Mistakes PR Companies Make When Emailing Bloggers

Every company wants its product or services to be covered by the best bloggers to ensure that the information shared reaches a big audience in a good way. A blogger can ignore your email and you will be left wondering why things are going wrong. Bloggers act like any other media reporter and coverage of your story will depend on how you present it and yourself. If you are looking forward to have your story end up in your favorite bloggers’ site, avoid the following mistakes when emailing them. … [Read more...]