Things Your Kids Need to Know About Reducing Energy Usage

Most people have young kids who always bring that skyrocketing monthly electric bill, and parents must teach their kids about ways to reduce energy consumption at home. There are various lessons you can teach your kids on conserving energy and help your family become energy efficient.  Here are a few lessons you can begin with: Sources of Energy We often use electricity to run various appliances and home devices that either come from natural sources or man-made sources. Your kid … [Read more...]

How to Use Your Ceiling Fans in Any Climate

Despite what the Republican presidential candidate and his running mate may be saying, climate change is a very real problem. Faced with drought and rising sea levels, climate change stands to (and has begun) threatening our ecosystems, wildlife, freshwater supplies and our very existence. There are ways we can combat these disastrous effects. Academic and environmental activist, David Suzuki, says there are 10 ways we can help reduce our consumption and save the planet. For our purposes, … [Read more...]