Fun Experiments You Can Do With Your Kids

Parents are always looking for fun, exciting ways to keep their kids entertained. You would want to find activities that will stimulate your kids’ minds and ensure that they learn something while they play safely at the same time. The last thing you want is for your kids to spend their time off doing nothing productive and forgetting everything they had learned at school. Using your family time to engage in cool experiments is not only an effective educational activity, but it is also great fun … [Read more...]

Twinkie Used For Food Preservative Lesson Still On Display 43 Years Later

Human beings are far from perfect specimens when it comes to staying healthy. Most of us think we're pretty good at it, but even the most health-conscious among us recognize our shortcomings. We tend to prioritize health issues when they can no longer be ignored. For this reason, 3 million people around the United States visit urgent care centers every week. Less in your face things don't feel as, well, urgent. One of the biggest is our diets. We all like to try eating … [Read more...]