Weight Loss and Fat Reduction Still One of The Most Popular New Year’s Resolutions

Year after year, the dawn of January and a whole New Year brings a whole new set of resolutions from being a better person, learning a new skill to changing lifestyles and being more active. The one resolution, however, that seems to remain constant throughout time is losing weight.  For example, a 2017 ComRes poll found that weight loss was taking the second place with 33 per cent in the top most common resolutions, only dethroned by exercising more (38 per cent) which can potentially … [Read more...]

Key Differences Between Fat Loss, Weight Loss & Fat Reduction

The main difference between losing fat and losing weight lies in the wording. Fat loss refers to fat in particular, while weight loss could be referring to the loss of fat, muscle, water or a combination of these elements. While losing fat isn’t going to result in a dramatic difference on the scale, it’s the first thing you would be focusing on if you want to get fitter and be healthier. Losing water weight will only have a negative effect on your muscles, so this is not ideal. It’s … [Read more...]