Overcoming Fears in a Fearful World

Fear can happen in your life in dozens of little ways every day. Fear of burning your hand on the stove when you cook. Fear you can’t finish a project at work on time. Fear for the safety of your children as they walk out the door. Sometimes fear can be a small inner voice, but other times, fear can be a physical change that overwhelms you or sends your body into a panic mode. Fear is an innate feeling, but there are ways you can alter your perception of what you fear in the world as you work … [Read more...]

8 Tips to Ease Your Child’s Dental Fear

Taking your kids to the dentist often is essential. The dentist checks their oral health to ensure that they aren’t having any oral problems. However, taking them for a dental checkup is never an easy process. The little ones usually have a dentist phobia or anxiety, and that prevents them from getting dental care. They are normally afraid of the cold metallic objects put in their mouths, the chair, and the unfamiliar room with strange objects. It’s your responsibility as a parent to help your … [Read more...]

How To Deal With Dental Fear and Anxiety

In many people, dental appointments evoke such a sense of stress and anxiety that even the thought makes their blood pressure shoot up. And if you happen to experience the same, you are not alone. Many people who have had a previous unpleasant experience or are afraid of the pain associated with injections become stressed when visiting the dentist. Some have heard of painful narratives from friends and relatives; while some have been scared by their mothers into completing tasks failing which … [Read more...]