5 Things Ever Mom Needs In The Car

After becoming a parent, you will realize that you need to bring more things than ever when going with your kids. If you intend to leave your house for a long trip, you may want to bring your entire kinds of stuff.  You certainly can carry everything you need, just put them in a diaper bag. However, it will be very heavy. Instead, you can choose 5 things every mom needs in the car to bring.  The following list consists of some must-have items that moms should keep in the car. … [Read more...]

First Aid Kit Essentials: Everything You Should Have in Your First Aid Kit and More

Children tend to come with a lot of bumps, bruises, and scrapes. Always be prepared with these first aid kit essentials! Hurry! Your kid fell down the stairs again and his knee is bleeding! Oh, that's right. You ran out of bandages and antibacterial cream a month ago. I guess you should just run the wound under some water and hope that that's good enough. I'm sure that all of us as mothers have run into some sort of problem when it comes to running out of first aid supplies, but there … [Read more...]

7 Things To Include In Your First Aid Kit in Case of Emergencies

Whether you are prepared for an emergency or not is irrelevant to one actually happening to you. The unfortunate fact of life is that anything can happen at any time. It is up to you, individually, to make sure that yourself and your loved ones are prepared to handle how you deal with the situation. For many people, preparation for an emergency involves little more than being ready to call the police or an ambulance. While you must be ready to contact the authorities when an emergency happens, … [Read more...]

What To Do If Your Child Smashes Their Finger In a Door

You may know the familiar sounds already. Your kids are scrambling over each other into the back of the van, yelling, the sliding door is pushed shut and then . . . a blood-curdling scream is let out as your youngest realizes the door has shut on their hand. Almost every mom has had this experience before (or likely will), and while it’s certainly not life-threatening for your child, the mere idea of their pain and suffering can send a jolt through your heart. Typically this type of injury does … [Read more...]

Four Essential First Aid Tips for Parents

As a parent, what you want more than anything else is to keep your children safe and healthy. But, do you actually know the skills you need to make that goal a reality? Many parents are not as confident as they could be when it comes to treating injuries and responding to emergencies. If you’re in this same boat, keep reading. Explained below are four of the most important first aid skills that every parent should have mastered. 1. CPR It’s hard to think of your child not being able to … [Read more...]

Summer First Aid Kit Checklist

So your family’s summer plans are all coming together - vacation, camps, family reunions. Is your first aid kit stocked accordingly? A handful of ailments and injuries are fairly common in the summer and your go-to first aid kit might not be prepared to handle them. They include: Sunburns Ticks Chiggers Infected bug bites Poison ivy/poison oak Splinters Car sickness/sea sickness Other injuries that accompany summer fun like broken bones, … [Read more...]