Top 5 Tips When Searching For a Fishing Charter Company

New to fishing? Old hand, but new to the area? Got someone who gets sea-sick? Want to take your family on an adventure of a lifetime? Don’t have the right gear for the job? Want the fun, but not the work? The key to finding the perfect solution to each of these potential questions is by searching for the perfect fishing charter company for your own personal needs. We’ve narrowed down the job by providing you with our top five tips on how to make choosing your charter a success. Do your … [Read more...]

Fishing Reels 101: Characteristics of Different Types of Fishing Reels

Are you looking for the perfect fishing reels to help you make the catch of your dreams?  A reel is an important device that was invented to facilitate fishing. You can improve your fishing technique by choosing the right reel. There are several types of reels made for fish of different sizes and for different types of fishing scenarios such as the ocean or lakes. It doesn’t matter if you are a professional fisher or a beginner. Many reels adapt for both although it is best to choose the ones … [Read more...]

How A Fishing Trip May Be Just What Your Family Needs

When you think of a fishing trip you may think about calling up some of your long-time friends and hitting the cottage with them, but did you know that fishing can be a very relaxing and leisurely outdoor activity for you and your entire family? Fishing trips are not reserved for only you and your drinking buddies, but it is also the perfect activity for your family.  Taking your family on a fishing trip may just be what you and your family need as it allows you to spend quality time with … [Read more...]