Facts You Didn’t Know About State Flags

Blood, sweat, and sacrifices can better define what the forefathers went through before obtaining your country’s or state’s flag. Flags are a sacred item that defines a nation’s heritage. They are symbols of unity and are designed with unique decorations that help to identify a nation or state. Every flag has a unique story behind it. Some flags are believed to have come straight down from heaven, others are strictly based on fairy tales, whereas for some, it was through the battles and conquest … [Read more...]

Popsicle Flags

Summer time means a lot of down time for kids. It can be easy for them to get bored as their time isn't really filled unless you are one organized, schedule planning mama! Crafts are always fun and can be extremely memorable to a child! I always remember coloring as a child and oh man, did I have a love for beads! Today I bring to you Popsicle Flags! It's simple and so much fun! Crafts are just an all around great thing for kids. It helps them become creative creatures and show you the things … [Read more...]