Top Must-Try Foods In Switzerland

Even though chocolate may be the first thing that pops in your head when Switzerland is mentioned, there are many other delicious food options to choose from.  We have categorized the absolute must-try foods, from the most-loved popular foods to their delightful traditional dishes.  Anything Potatoes As an essential ingredient in Swiss cuisine, the potato dishes are a must. One of the most sought after dishes in Switzerland is Rosti (or Rööschti). It is prepared in the … [Read more...]

What Should You Consider When Selecting the Best Juicer for Green Juice?

Green juice is very beneficial to health and as such, it should be taken almost every day. Green juice is mainly extracted from the green vegetables. Green juice is rich in vitamins and as such in consuming green juice a person gets the power to regenerate his skin, improve the digestion system and as well as it also helps the person in losing the body weight. To know more about the juicer visit DiligentChef to read more on the subject. The following are some essential factors that should … [Read more...]