Different Ways To Raise Money For Your Nonprofit Organization

Giving to charity is a rewarding experience, but organizing an event or fundraiser is hard work. Yet, hundreds of dedicated individuals set out to collect money for their favorite charities every year in whatever way they can. For them, it's not about the inconvenience of all the administration and planning. It's about the smiles on the beneficiaries faces when they are helped. Here are some of the best ways to raise money for your chosen nonprofit or charity that have proven to be popular … [Read more...]

Supporting Your Local Church Through Fundraising: Tips, Tricks & Ideas

Are you an active member of your local church? Do you love getting involved in helping to run church events? Does your family attend every Sunday and want to give something back? Then, how about supporting your local church through fundraising? Organizing different events and activities to help raise money for your church can be a wonderful thing to do. Especially, if you and your family are active church goers. Whether your church is in need of a new roof, a replacement stained glass window, … [Read more...]