Know What The Symptoms of Cat Separation Anxiety Are

Do you know cats are independent being that is why people don’t understand the cat separation anxiety? Yes, it is true cats can be considered social beings that too can form a long-lasting relationship with another being. However, kitty can feel abandoned due to owner’s busy work schedule or routine change. It is much difficult to spot compared to dog separation anxiety. They start meowing a lot thus becoming clingy. Cats reflect signs of fear or defecate outside the box. These signs tell the … [Read more...]

5 Ways to Welcome a New Pet into Your Home

In case you were looking for another reason to get yourself a pet, here is one: it may help you to live longer. A 2017 Swedish Study published on found that owning a dog has a connection to lowered risk of cardiovascular health problems and death. Visiting an animal shelter or a vet to adopt a new pet is an exciting time. There are several things to consider when welcoming your new dog into your home, so we have picked 5 of the most important ways to welcome your new pet. 1. … [Read more...]