Why You Should Play the Sport of Golf

There are a lot of sports you could choose to play. Maybe you've played some of them. Or maybe you've been wanting to be more active and thought sports might be a good way to go. You might consider playing golf. Golf is the only sport I know of that can be played and enjoyed by a 10-year-old as well as an 80-year-old. It's the only sport where players of any age or skill level can play together, have a great time, and still try to do their very best. There are also some amazing health benefits … [Read more...]

4 Ways To Improve Your Golf Game

Playing golf may be a way you relax on days off, but if you don’t enjoy the game, it may be less of a way to unwind and more about becoming frustrated after a few holes with friends. To help you have a better experience during your game, you may want to improve certain aspects. Here are four ways you can easily enhance your golf game. Your Set If you have a kink in your back, you won’t be able to set your feet properly, and that will pull your body to one side as you try to … [Read more...]

4 Unique Extra-Curricular Activities for Kids

Kids need activities that can help them maintain a sound mind and remain focused. Curricular activities do that fairly, but extra-curricular ones do it well. Extra-curricular activities relax kids' minds, enhance their focus, and make them catch fun. However, it's not all extra-curricular activities that keep kids' minds in good shape. That's because some are too rigorous for them. While selecting activities for kids, it's essential to put their age into consideration. Also, it's necessary to … [Read more...]

Head to a Golf Course in Thailand to Enjoy Winter

The winter season in Thailand is currently in full swing. This also means that it’s the perfect time to head out and enjoy a round of golf on a golf course in Thailand. The eastern seaboard area of Pattaya is a particularly good area of the country to enjoy a round of golf. The area of Pattaya enjoys dry, balmy and cooler breezes that blow in off the gulf of Thailand providing golfers with a great day of golf in the sunshine. It’s no wonder that this area of the country has a … [Read more...]

Tips For Raising Your Kids To Love Golf

Golf is a sport that is enjoyed by many adults and not just the golfer pros. Everyone likes to get out on the course on a nice day and improve their score. For adults, this game can be fun, for children golf may seem a little boring. This does not mean that children cannot learn to enjoy the game and enjoy the outdoors.  These are some tips to help a person get their children to understand the game of golf and develop a love for playing golf to maybe one day become like the golfer … [Read more...]

Can Golf Irons Make A Difference In Improving Your Game?

Advancing from beginner to advanced golfer necessitates time, patience and practice, and lots of it. Therefore, when you are just starting your golfing journey, there are some considerations that can help you with improving your game and enjoying this new-found hobby. It makes sense that you’ll be enhancing your skills and become more confident with every swing you take. There are copious things that you can do to accelerate your growth in the game, and one of the best ones during the early … [Read more...]

How To Choose The Best Women’s Golf Clubs

When it comes to golf, everyone has their equipment. From juniors to women, men and seniors, there are specifically manufactured golfing clubs suitable for each one of the groups. This makes the whole shopping experience for a golf club much easier because you already know what kind of club you should be getting for yourself. If you are however just starting out in golf, it is advisable to take your time and understand first what you need and this will help you research on the best equipment to … [Read more...]

5 Sports With Surprising Health Benefits

Playing sports is not only fun but also has many surprising health benefits. If your summer activities include being active then check out the 5 sports below with surprising health benefits. Swimming Who doesn’t want to jump into a pool on a hot summer day? Swimming is one of the best sports because it doesn’t damage your joints. The buoyancy of the water protects your body to prevent injuries. With swimming, you will enjoy a variety of health benefits, including: Stronger toned … [Read more...]