How Living with Grandparents Can Boost Your Child’s Emotional Well Being

Most people are familiar with the enthusiasm grandparents show for looking after their grandchildren, sometimes it makes you wonder why they weren’t this warm and cuddly when you were little. They do seem to change their parenting style to fit a new dynamic.  But recent research has shown that the benefits of maintaining a close relationship between your parents and your kids go far beyond saving money on babysitting and the home-cooked treats your little angels get so chirpy … [Read more...]

Great Gifts for Grandparents This Christmas

If you are anything like me, Christmas is your favorite overwhelming time of the year. It means family, fun, presents and some stress about pulling it all together while having a good time yourself. But every year, I know it’s worth it, and I always love Christmas. Something that cuts down my stress every year is when I already have gifts in mind for those on my list, especially for my grandparents. So I thought I should share some of my favorite gifts I’ve given to them over the years. These … [Read more...]

Fun Fall Activities for Kids to Do with Grandparents

Looking for fun fall-inspired ideas for activities the kids can do with their grandparents? Not only is fall a great time to get outside and enjoy cooler temperatures and beautiful scenery, but it’s also the perfect season for family outings and bonding that promotes good health too. Don’t miss this quick list of fun fall activities for kids and their grandparents: Volunteer Together Did you know that National Family Volunteer Day falls smack-dab in the middle of November? This special day … [Read more...]