How to Make Your Hair Thicker and Longer: 14 Useful Tips

Your hair grows somewhere between 0.5 and 1.7 centimeters each month. This doesn't seem like much, but as time passes, you'll find your hair can grow to amazing lengths! Anyone can grow their hair out, but growing long and thick hair that is beautiful, soft, and voluminous is a different story. You have to take care of your hair as it grows for this to happen. Are you growing your hair out, but want to make sure it doesn't end up frizzy and dull?  For some tips and tricks about how … [Read more...]

How to Shop Ethically when Buying Shampoo

Many of us are now aware of the importance of shopping ethically when buying beauty products, whether it is moisturizer, foundation, or eye shadow. Unethically-made beauty products are harmful to animals, the environment, and sometimes to people involved in their production. But what about shampoo? Just like our other beauty products, shampoo can contain chemicals that are harmful to our waterways and the general environment, or may be produced in a way that damages people, animals, or … [Read more...]

Health and Lifestyle: 5 Most Effective Ways to Keep Your Hair Healthy

Most women, and some men, will admit to having a love-hate relationship with their hair. In fact, the average woman spends 1 hour and 53 minutes a week washing, drying, and styling her hair. That equals 7 months of her life by the time she's 65! The best way to ensure luscious locks is by maintaining healthy hair. Keeping your hair healthy requires hydration, a solid hair routine, lowering the heat on styling appliances, eating a nutritious diet, and being gentle. Let's explore these tips … [Read more...]

Can Hair Extensions Ruin Your Hair?

When people see you wearing hair extension or when you tell them that you deal in hair extension as your work specialization, the question you get mostly is, "Do hair extensions ruin your hair?" In the world today, there is an excellent innovation in the industry of hair. Different types of hairpieces and hair extensions are being manufactured now and then. These extensions and pieces come in various forms. They can be thick, wavy, thin, frail, or curly, among others. With different head types, … [Read more...]

Damaged Hair? Here’s What You Can Do

Hair has a significant impact on the appearance and well-being of a person. It is also one of the things that other people notice when they meet you. Everyone wishes to have good healthy hair. Unfortunately, there are many controllable and uncontrollable things that happen and interfere with the typical appearance of the hair. If this is your current condition, don’t despair yet. You can restore the original appearance of your hair if you treat and care for it well. Apply these tactics to fix … [Read more...]

Tips to Getting Fuller Hair

We all wish that we had the genetic makeup of the Komondor dog when it comes to hair. Having a head full of lush and flowy hair has been the goal of many people throughout the years. It may suddenly hit some people that they’ve not been paying any attention to their hair’s health for a while. The problem is that mistreating your hair may take some time to actually show, but it’s bound to happen at some point. Fortunately, fixing your hair and thickening it isn’t necessarily a hard task. We’ve … [Read more...]

How Ayurvedic Treatments can Improve Hair Loss

Ayurvedic treatments and remedies are one of the oldest forms of medicine known to mankind. Using nothing but natural remedies and physical therapies, ayurvedic treatments can certainly aid hair loss. Hair loss is most often caused by unnatural elements that were introduced into your body. (Aside from stress, which is quite natural and needs to be dealt with directly) Today, we’re going to take a look at a few of the more popular ayurvedic treatments and remedies to reduce the effects of hair … [Read more...]

How to Draw Attention Away from Thinning Hair

No man wants to have to face the reality of thinning hair. It’s unfortunate but very common. While a baldness cure is closer to a reality than ever before,  everyone loses hair in different ways, from hair actually falling out to gradually losing volume and luster. But like almost every other style challenge, there are some simple rules to follow to draw attention away from a perceived negative like baldness. You may even discover a sophisticated new look! Keep Your Hair Neatly Cropped It … [Read more...]