10 Healthy Alternatives to Junky Food

We all crave for some junk food now and then. But in large quantities, junk food is harmful and can lead to increased obesity, it can worsen appetite and digestion, which lead to developing other health problems. You can replace junk food with more delicious, more appealing, and healthier foods that can help you with your diet too.  We’ve put together a list of 10 healthy alternatives to junky food you can try. Photo by Lily Banse on Unsplash Replace Chocolate with Dark … [Read more...]

9 Amazing Benefits of Basil Seeds

Big things come in little packets! Think Basil seeds, and this thought ought to cross your mind. These minuscule, tiny seeds are a powerhouse of nutrients and an effective natural remedy for various health issues. The immunity boosting capabilities of this plant, among many other health benefits, is common knowledge.  To be precise, the health benefits of Sabja seeds are umpteen! Basil seeds are derived from the seeds of the Ocimum sanctum plant.. They are commonly used in drinks and desserts … [Read more...]

Healthy Breakfast Ideas To Kickstart Your Day

You must have heard that ‘breakfast is the most important meal of the day,’ and when it comes to kickstarting your day, you want to make sure your breakfast is healthy. Eating a healthy breakfast is said to contribute to a healthy weight, reduce weight over time, and gives you the energy needed to burst through the day. It also helps with brain function, concentration, and memory, as well as improving your attention span. But, with the rush of today’s world, breakfast is the most ignored … [Read more...]

Nutrition Knowledge: Important Healthy Food Facts

It wasn’t long ago that celery juice cleanses were all the rage. Now everybody’s talking about CBD and other health supplements. But, which ones are actually healthy and which ones are just Instagram trends? It can be tough to weed through all of those top stories of Instagram models promising 100-pound weight loss diets and supplements. To make things easier, we did our research and scoured the web to find the most accurate healthy food facts, tips, and tricks … [Read more...]

How to Make Teaching Good Nutrition Fun

When you imagined taking care of your kids before they were born, what did you see? You probably pictured them splashing around in the bathtub or riding a bike for the first time. Those memories are unforgettable. Yet there are plenty of other firsts to discover. Once your kids graduate from baby food, it's fun to show them what new stuff tastes like. Licking a lemon slice or chocolate ice cream for the first time guarantees a picture-perfect reaction. However, what happens when they don't … [Read more...]

Healthy Eating Tips For A Fit, Sharp Brain

Healthy and balanced eating is on most people’s New Year's resolution list. However, not many people fully understand what it means. It's not all about losing weight and getting ripped! In this post, we are going to focus on healthy eating for brain health and function. The brain controls all of the biological functions of the body and it never stops working until the moment we die. For it to be able to do such an amazing task successfully, it needs a lot of nutrients on a constant … [Read more...]

Seven Kitchen Gadgets You Need For Healthy Eating

When you’re revamping your diet, it’s not just the fridge that needs an overhaul. Healthy eating can be achieved by preparing more meals at home where you can avoid hidden ingredients and empty calories. With more time spent in the kitchen preparing delicious and good-for-you meals, you’re going to want these ten gadgets. Water filter Drinking water is a daily essential. It’s recommended that you drink eight glasses of water each day, so it’s best to make sure you’re drinking the cleanest … [Read more...]