Book Hotels Near Silom Night Market

For first-time visitors to Bangkok, one of the must-do things to experience is a visit to one of the bustling and colorful night markets that seem to spring up like magic throughout the city once the sun goes down. By booking your stay at a hotel near the Silom Night Market, you'll reap the benefits of staying in one of the most central areas of the city and have a bonus of being right near a hugely popular night market on one of the busiest streets in the city. Silom Road is often called the … [Read more...]

Things You Can Do When You Stay at a Hotel in Ratchada

If you’ve chosen to make a hotel in Ratchada your “home away from home” while visiting the City of Angels, we can highly recommend you stop by the Ratchada Train Market for a night of fun-filled frivolity that you won't forget or regret. This hipster market on the Bangkok nightlife scene is guaranteed to tick all your tourist boxes: relaxed vibe, great shopping, yummy food, friendly staff and cheap drinks. Like many other markets in the city and even its sister market in Srinakarin, a … [Read more...]

Are Accommodation Booking Apps Worth Using?

Before, if you wished to book a hotel or any other accommodation, you needed to call the establishment and speak with an operator. When online transactions became popular, it was easier to make reservations. These days though, reservations are possible through booking apps. You don’t need to go through a long process to finish your reservation. With the help of apps, you can book your chosen room right away. In short, if you want convenience, a booking app is worth it. You want … [Read more...]

Easy Ways To Get The Best Cheap Hotel Bookings

Many people use hostels and other affordable accommodation options to keep their traveling budget in check. Even if they love the lavishness of a hotel and the many perks that come with it, they let it go for fear of high prices. You could be one of them. Of course, you can't get hotels for low prices, and then the idea of spending money on something that is going to last just a few hours for you may not make much sense. Hence, you may prefer a bed and breakfast or homestay kind of … [Read more...]

Jumeirah Resort and Spa

Have you ever imagined a five-star hotel with a doughnut-like hole in the middle of it? Doesn’t it sound very cool? When it comes to Dubai, it is that city, which likes to bend all the boundaries considering architecture and the latest development is doing that definitely.  The images that have just been released of the hotel that has just been announced are marvelous. We are all drooling over the futuristic twin-tower structure. It is set to be located in the Jumeirah Beach … [Read more...]

The Best NYC Budget Hotels For Mothers and Families

Under normal circumstances, the word ‘New York’ and ‘Cheap’ do not do well in the same sentence. However, there are ways one can cut accommodation costs; especially if you are planning a family vacation. When looking to cut accommodation costs, timing is of the essence. Hotel rates tend to go down in winter. However, regardless of the season, there are a ton of hotels in New York whose expenses are manageable. Condor hotel At the heart of Williamsburg is a beautiful hotel that goes by … [Read more...]

Ways to Reduce the Cost of Hotel Expenses When Making Reservations for Wedding Guests

If you decide to have your wedding in a distant location, you might have to prepare to accommodate your guests. You need to arrange their accommodation since it's quite a hassle for them to fly to the wedding destination. They're already doing you a favor, taking some time off from their regular schedule to take part in your wedding. The least you can do is to arrange their hotel near the wedding venue.  Since you need to spend a lot for the hotel, this idea only works for small and … [Read more...]

Extended Stay America is Perfect For Long Trips #myESA

This post is sponsored by All opinions are 100% my own. #myESA Going on long trips can be fun. But finding the right hotel that can accommodate the extended stay can be frustrating. Thankfully Extended Stay America has the perfect amenities for making your long trip a breeze! When planning a long trip, a hotel with a kitchen as well as an on-site laundry would be perfect, right? Well you get that with Extended Stay America for a great value. Each room has a full-equipped … [Read more...]