Which Are Some Good Hunting Destinations In America?

Only a true hunter would understand the Adrenaline Rush that comes with taking down the game . Tracking down the game to taking the winning shot, posing for a picture with the kill, these are the movements measured by many Hunters. You can get that award winning hunting picture with the buck's head, massive antlers all hanging over your fireplace only if you have the knowledge of the right location to plan your hunting expedition. Don't be a hunter who spends days on end in the woods peering … [Read more...]

Some Pro Hunter Advice About Hunting In The Wild

Hunting is a great pastime, so no wonder why so many people go on hunting excursions into the wild every year. But if you’re new to the sport, heading out on your first excursion can seem like a daunting task. Before going out into the wild you need to be sure your gun and ammunition are all up to standard so you won’t get caught off guard when opportunity strikes. Another important bit of advice is to make sure you’ve brushed up on your survival skills so you will be prepared for the … [Read more...]

Preparation for Hunting Season

When the spring foliage starts to sprout, you know it’s almost time for open season. But before you can get out into the wilderness, there are a few things you consider planning out before heading out to hunt. If you own some land or have a buddy that does you should consider setting up a deer blind for more comfortable and effective hunting. Your next step should be to test your gun, scope, and ammunition to make sure all are still in working order. Finally, you should make sure your camouflage … [Read more...]

Tips For Hunting Deer Successfully

If you have your heart set on a downing deer this hunting season, there are some simple steps you can take to improve your chances of a successful hunt—and a full freezer. Don't forget The Importance of Deer Protein Feed as a Supplement - it's crucial for deer! Cover Your Scent Eliminate any body odor that you may have. Deer will pick up on your scent and stay away from you. Do not have any scents from your bodywash, deodorant, hair-care products, or anything else that you normally put on … [Read more...]

More Than Camo: 8 Ways to Glam Up Your Hunting Wardrobe

There’s nothing better than spending a day in the fresh air in pursuit of a trophy hunt, especially if you feel fabulous. If you’re a hunter on a mission to nab a big buck and take some cute photos for Insta, then you’ll love our list of hunting style ideas below! One word of note, though: Be sure that you don’t usurp your safety apparel—including orange clothing, as it may be required by your state—in favor of less-safe styles that could put you at risk. The key is to strike a good balance … [Read more...]

A Hunter’s Hunting Style

Hunting is more of an art that it is just a sport or hobby. There are currently, dozens of different hunting methods and styles, one of the popular forms being hunting with guns. However, there are rules and regulations for all the types and hunting styles differ from hunter to hunter. Here is a general introduction to some of the more common hunting styles. Guns When hunting for big or small game, hunters have a variety of tools at their helm. Some use shotguns, others handguns and the vast … [Read more...]