How to Pick Out the Perfect Ring for Your SO

On each holiday, birthday, and anniversary, your significant other should be surprising you with unforgettable gifts if they're able to and if that's important in your relationship. Gift-giving is something that's individualized for certain couples and absolutely doesn't have to be a major part of your relationship. If it's something you and your partner both want, then you'll want to make sure to get your partner gifts that they will treasure and appreciate. The act of giving is actually one … [Read more...]

How to Express Your Birth and Identity Through a Necklace

The expression of oneself is very important to most people. They choose the way they dress up, their own lifestyle, the diet they want to commit to, and even the things they do in life to reflect who they are. Freedom of expression is actually something innate in every individual. One reason why people like to express their identity is their need to be unique and known for who they are. Being unique is important because it sets you apart from other people. It's more than just having your own … [Read more...]

Damiani: Jewelry Made in Italy

Every other product that Damiani creates looks to retain the style and history created by the Maison. That is being creative, stylistic research and technical knowledge, which seem to have significantly evolved. Every jewel they produce is quality creation that is designed by an able team, and they are handcrafted by elite goldsmiths who have been with Damiani for more than 50 years. Charleston- The 1920s Enrico Grassi Damiani created a goldsmith stall in Valenza back in 1924, having … [Read more...]

Best Brands For Men To Wear Bracelets In Style

In modern society, more men are looking for ways to dress stylish and unique. Why women have so many different accessories and styles of clothes to choose from but men only have limited options. If you search "men's bracelet" you will see a pattern of over 20% growth every year. Even with the demand for men wanting to look better has increased, we still could not find enough content and tips for men. This year, we are keen to find more bracelet related topics and products to review. With … [Read more...]

6 Reasons Why Investing In Sterling Silver Jewelry Is Worth Your While

More contemporary Jewelry designers today are using sterling silver due to its perfect amalgamation of beauty, malleability and durability. Irrespective if you’re looking to add a timeless piece to your Jewelry collection or are looking for a piece that you can wear for everyday use, you’ll most likely find a sterling silver piece that is perfect for you. Here are six reasons why sterling silver is worth investing into. Durability When you’re taking good care of your sterling silver … [Read more...]

Tips For Earring Care

If you have a beautiful pair of earrings that you love, you want to make sure that you take good care of them. Aside from not losing them, earring care should be on the top of your list. I am excited to share with you some tips for keeping your earrings sparkling whether you have had them a week or 5 years! Take Care Of Your Piercings The first tip, of course, is taking care of your piercings! You cannot wear beautiful earrings unless you have nice, clean piercings! This includes … [Read more...]

Different Stages of Relationship: What are the Appropriate Pieces of Jewelry to Give?

Buying jewelry for a partner is a tricky process to navigate because your choices are always going to be influenced by the stage that the relationship has reached. You don’t want to overdo it early on, or sour a special occasion with an underwhelming piece picked carelessly several years into a long term union. To help you avoid these pitfalls, here are a few tips on the most appropriate jewelry for your relationship which you can follow whether you are buying from designer brands in the Atelier … [Read more...]

Diamond vs Moissanite: What Are the Differences?

Both diamonds and moissanite gemstones are gorgeous but there are some differences between the two. Learn more with our diamond vs moissanite guide! The brilliance, the shine, the bling. You just love the look of diamonds! ...or is it moissanite?  Moissanite is a relative newcomer to the jewelry scene, but it's creating quite a stir. In fact, the revenue of the moissanite industry is expected to go from 29.2 million in 2018 to approximately 57.1 million in 2028! At first … [Read more...]