Career Ideas for Young Moms: No University Degree Required

Moms love their tots to bits! Wouldn’t you want to be around your kids 24 hours a day until they are all grownups? Unfortunately, mommy’s got to go to work because bills have to be paid. But the truth is that some careers are more accommodating to young moms than others. So which are these? The following are 5 career ideas for moms that don’t require a degree. 1. Dog Breeder If you have a genuine love for doggies, being a dog breeder will be a gratifying career for you. Dog breeding … [Read more...]

Networking Know-How – The 4 Keys To Perfecting Your Networking Skills

It can be argued that in many industries these days it's far more a case of who you know than what you know, but building up your contact list can seem almost impossible at the start of your career. It's undeniable that it's easier to make connections once you've already got some under your belt but you shouldn't let that stop you from trying. Luckily, this path has been followed many times before which means there are plenty of tools that you can add to your skillset to help fast track the … [Read more...]

Improve Your Cashflow: 7 Jobs You Can Do Without Going to the Office

The modern-day person could generally use some extra income, but it can be hard to juggle more than one job at a time. Maybe a full-time office job isn’t working for you, and you’re looking for other ways to make rent. Work from home jobs can be the solution to your empty-pocket problems. Most stay-at-home jobs have flexible hours and can be done while sitting in your pajamas. Here are a few that you can take on yourself. Mystery Shopper Mystery shopping is a fun and easy way to make … [Read more...]